KINDERGARTEN Graduation Packages

Kinder Cap and Gown in Baby Blue. Black Cap and Gown with Vee Stole.

Kinder caps and gowns are made with quality fabrics (Pilgrim for rental gowns, Millennium for souvenir gowns) and are now available to you in several beautiful colours.

Cap and gown in Rose. Maroon Cap and Gown
Emerald Green Cap and Gown. Souvenir Kinder Gown in Navy

Souvenir Kindergown packages are designed and proportioned to fit small sizes.

Packages include:

  • Kinder Cap
  • Golden year date tassel
  • Kinder Gown
  • Kinder Diploma

See the Colour & Fabric Charts
to view all of the colours available.

Kindergarten Diploma

Caps, Tassels, and Diplomas may all be purchased individually. Diplomas are printed on parchment-like paper with brightly illustrated cartoons. Please contact us for information on ordering these items.

Preschool Diploma
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