Gaspard F.A.Q.

  1. Q: Could an individual rent a graduation gown?

    A: No, rentals are for Quantity orders only.

  2. Q: Do you offer immediate delivery of individual orders?

    A: In stock items are shipped immediately, for other items we require 4-6 weeks notice

  3. Q: Why can I not add a hood to my shopping cart?

    A: Hoods are all custom made and vary in color and shape depending on your institution and faculty, as a result hood prices may vary. Call or e-mail us your order, we'll be happy to help you, or visit our Help Line

  4. Q: Is there a specific way to wear a mortarboard?

    A: Although individuals adjust the cap position to suit themselves we do have a traditional and recommended way of positioning your cap. Please see the following link to see how your mortarboard Should be worn

  5. Q: What about the hood?

    A: The top point of the hood is generally pinned to the gown, directly above the zipper closure, see here for an example of how the hood should look

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