Mr. Gaspard Sr.

Frederic E. Gaspard Sr.

Mr. Gaspard Jr.

Frederic T. Gaspard Jr.


Frederic E. Gaspard Sr. founded Gaspard & Sons in 1909... and we're still going strong.

The company has remained in the family, and followed the same sound business principles for almost a century now: ``to give our customers the best possible product, the lowest price, and to stand behind our product without reservation.'' Our company has grown over the years, but all our staff members remain dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

``I am carrying on in my father's tradition, so you can have confidence in our low prices: our large production and the lower Canadian production cost make it possible to offer the lowest prices you will find.''

— Frederic Theodor Gaspard Jr.

Still following the same sound principles after all these years... with over 90 years of satisfied customers around the globe to prove our commitment to them.

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