Graduation Colours & Fabrics

Rental Gowns

All of our rental gowns are crafted from Pilgrim Cloth - a lightwieght, 100% polyester fabric that is wrinkle-resistant, comfortable, and colourfast.

Kindergarten & Preschool
Pilgrim Kinder Gown Colours
High School & Middle School
Pilgrim Grad Gown Colours

Souvenir Gowns

Souvenir Gowns and stoles are made from our Millennium fabrics, which have a shiny finish. These fabrics are flame-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, 100% polyester, and won't run or fade in the wash.

Kindergarten & Preschool

(Millennium Fabric)

Millennium Kinder Gown Colours
High School& Middle School

(Millennium 2000 Fabric)

Millennium 2000 Grad Gown Colours

Please note that colours may appear slightly different on your monitor. Contact us for fabric samples.

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